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“The writing we are driven to do and the story we are compelled to tell is always born from a burning need to work out our lives on the page and through our characters. And telling the stark truth of what our life has been can lead to liberation and healing.”


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Maya has been writing screenplays, ghostwriting and coaching writers for the past 30 years. From medical books to true crime or self-help articles and erotic literature, Maya has contributed to countless books, novels and stories. She has won screenplay awards including the prestigious Austin Film Festival, The Writer’s Workshop, and Women in Film New York and Las Vegas. Having studied with iconic Stewart Stern, screenwriter of the Oscar winning films, Rebel Without a Cause and Sybil and having worked closely with actor Tom Skerritt at The Film School in Seattle, Washington, Maya is devoted to teaching how to write story. She has authored Freeing Godiva, on women’s empowerment, with international best selling author Lauren Mackler, and written Roadmap to Success, which was co-authored with Deepak Chopra. Maya has appeared on the NPR Radio Show, This I Believe series.


“Words are power. Words can inspire, can tear down the barriers to the heart, words create windows into the soul and into the vast territory of emotions that define us as humans. Words, when authored by the heart and fueled with passion, can change everything.”


Maya’s work as a literary agent not only bridges the publishing world to the author, but acts as a reader who can help to edit and create an even more polished product before it ever crosses the desk of the publishing house. You get one chance and the submission needs to dazzle the publisher but also prove that your book is highly marketable. The alliance Maya has with her authors is multidimensional and very intimate, making her ability to represent you as an author, highly informed, her knowledge of the story deeply personal and her instinct for representation rooted in a personal relationship with all the authors she represents.


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Story is at the heart of Maya’s work. As a Harvard psychologist for nearly three decades she has listened to stories every day, recognizing that our stories define us, steer our lives, are inherited from family and society and need to be told. As a consummate writer she has created a groundbreaking model for merging both writing and psychotherapy, called Mythotherapy.


“We are all the hero and heroine of our own myth. We are the protagonists, and there are monsters, villains, miracles and the mundane. We do not have to be perfect writers, learned orators or be able to write the next great American Novel. We simply have to find the part of ourselves who is ready to tell the story we were born into. In the telling, we heal ourselves, we help to heal others and we change the vibrational frequency of the planet. This is power”.


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