Awakening The Oracle Within

Come with us to Blue Osa Retreat and Spa in magical Costa Rica and awaken the power of your own inner Oracle. What better place to shed old skin and slip into the fuller and more vibrant version of yourself than to immerse yourself in nature and in the jungle life that is Costa Rica. If you want to supercharge your spirit and clarify your life purpose join us.  You will learn how to harness the guidance of the spiritual authority of the Earth and heal yourself at every level of your life with experts in the fields of psychology, spirituality, channeling and shamanism.  This retreat will rewire your heart and open you to your greatest personal power.


The Goals Of This Workshop

During your eight days at Blue Osa Retreat and Spa you will learn a variety of personal practices and timeless tools to help you both re-member yourself and to connect to your highest spiritual essence. You will learn how to harness the guidance of the spiritual authority of the Earth and heal yourself at every level of your life.


Eight Days In Paradise


Through expert teachings, innovative experiences, practical training in the shamanic and channeling process as well as through connecting with the most potent power we have, La Madre, we will embody the physical and generate a matrix of energy that will fuel each persons ability to contact guides, entities, higher self and spirit. You will remember a lost art that is available to every human being.


Time To Play

The first necessary step to unlocking your innate ability to receive and perceive the vast subtle levels of consciousness all around you is to re-awaken you ability to play. Play is the exuberant expression of our being. It is the heart of our creativity and our sexuality. Play feeds our joy and wonder and tethers our search for meaning to the Earth herself.

And as a center pointe to “Awakening the Oracle” we will focus on teaching you to channel your highest self, listen to spirit guides and tap into universal wisdom.  We will teach you a number of tools through experiences of Shamanic Journeying, Art, Dance and Writing as we communion with La Madre. And each participant will have a reading with the soul group, “Michael”, through Mary Jonaitis.

“Channeling offers fertile ground for play — not in the sense of foolish amusement, but as voluntary activity, having its aim in itself and accompanied by a feeling of tension, joy and consciousness that it is ‘different’ from ‘ordinary life.’~Michael F. Brown


 Your Guides

Oracle 2

And as you tap into readily available wisdom from your personal guides, you may want to spend your time asking
~ What is my higher purpose for this year?  This life?
~ What blocks or fears do I have that would prevent me from attaining this?
~ What skills or attributes do I have to help me attain my goals?
~ What message of love and compassion do you have that I need to hear at this time?


Our Goals

The child in all of us never forgets how to play, always makes joy and awe available to us as adults. During our time we will rekindle our relationship to the child in all of us. Children are clear channels, free beings embodying what it innately means to be human. But over the course of a lifetime, cultural assimilation and the illusion of the mind, we grow to forget the child and all the innocent, playful, joy of being a child. The child is our essence.  The child is spirit and source.


Wake The Body And Ignite The Heart

Allowing ourselves to sink into the arms of the great mother, the earthly elements, the vast ocean that will be what holds us during our time at Blue Osa, the elements and the animals will help us to return to our childlike selves and become the clearest vessel for consciousness, as it was intended.  We will wake up our physical bodies, ignite our hearts and inspire our minds, as we connect with energy from the cosmos.

We will learn to listen beyond our personalities and egos.  Through deeply connecting to self and spirit in a myriad of creative ways, we will be able to both hear and understand why we are alive at this auspicious time on our planet.  We will catalyze our purpose, clarify what is next in our lives and recognize our own reason for being.

We will locate, through inner research, the “seeds” of our unique, personal contribution for this life and do ceremonies involving offering these “seeds” to La Madre.


Flex Plan

Although we will have an overall plan for what we want to accomplish during our time together and the tools with which to do that, each day we will engage various techniques and journey together to find the specific teaching or theme for that day.


What “Spiritual Authority” Says

Here is what Spiritual Authority had to say about how they see what we can learn in this unique time together.   This wisdom was channeled by Mary Jonaitis through the entity Michael.

Each one of us, as a soul, is an intentional droplet from the vast ocean of Consciousness.

Each individual heart is a spark from the Fire of all Consciousness.

Each of us, so small and dwarfed by the immensity of all Life, is such a singular, precious gem.

We are meant to proudly and confidently show to the Creator our inspired uniqueness,
our beautifully faceted windows into the wondrous gem-self of our inner souls.

And this relationship with the Creator begins with the spirit deity of the Earth, herself, the Creator’s emissary and guide.

She wants and needs, us, her children, to share with her our beauty, our pain, our dignity, our strength, our dreams and hopes for our children.

She will generously give back to us, in return, the messages of guidance that we, as individuals, need for healing our minds, our hearts, our bodies and all of our relationships.

Then, and only then, will she be healed as well.

La Madre

  • Day Beach in Costa Rica


    – Experiential movement & spatial play
    – Music
    – Silence
    – A daily ceremony with the Elements
    – Yoga, Qigong and Thai Chi
    – Guided shamanic meditation
    – Personal & group sand drawing
    – Right-brain drawing techniques
    – Circle story telling and improvisation
    – A Group Dreaming circle
    – Shamanic Journeying and Journaling
    – Work with the Tarot
    – Automatic writing
    – Ample rest / integration / Spa time
    – A Personal Reading with Mary Jonaitis


  • sunrise before morning meditation


    – Silence until 7:30
    – 5:00 am Coffee and Tea
    – 6:00 am Fresh fruit and Yogurt
    – 7:30 am Breakfast Our Daily Schedule
    – 2:00 pm Snack
    – Our Daily Schedule
    – 5:30 pm Costa Rican Cocktails
    – 6:30 pm Dinner
    – Our Daily Schedule  

  • DSC_1238


    Like the ocean that will surround you, each day at Blue Osa will have an ebb and flow. We will work with the following energies throughout our day together.

    – Silence
    – Movement
    – Grounding
    – Gratitude
    – Relax/Release
    – Grounding
    – Opening
    – Engaging with Wonder
    – Movement
    – Grounding
    – Gratitude
    – Silence  


  • Blue Osa Room


    These are a few of the wide range of amenities you will have at your fingertips at Blue Osa.

    – Beachfront accommodations at a rejuvenating eco resort + spa
    – 3 delicious, prepared-for-you, plant-based meals a day
    – Comfortable, modern sleeping accommodations / double occupancy
    – Free Wi-Fi
    – Spa Services
    – Lap Pool
    – Eco Tours
    – Yoga Studio
    – Meditation Pavilion
    – A Mile of Beach to Walk
    – Limitless Photo Ops
    – Your Choice of Dogs and Cats to Stroll With  

Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa


Date: May 21-28, 2016
Location: Blue Osa Retreat and Spa, Costa Rica
Total Cost: $1850
Includes: 8 days, 7 nights, room, meals, shuttle
Teachers: Mary Jonaitis and Dr. Maya Christobel
This intimate time in Costa Rica will be limited to only 15 participants.
Registration must be received no later than Jan 15, 2016, with a non-refundable $500 deposit made via PayPal.
Final payment for your Costa Rica Retreat, no later than March 15, 2016.
Price for 8 days in Paradise does not include airfare.
When you pay your deposit you will be directed to a contact form to submit your personal information and preferences. Once your deposit is received we will send you a “welcome packet” and a questionnaire regarding food preferences, allergies and any additional information to make your time perfect.
If you have any questions please contact Maya Christobel directly at
*Also please note: All PayPal payments using a Credit Card will incur a 2.9% charge via PayPal. Linking your bank account will eliminate this charge as will checking “For Friends and Family”. We are excited that you are joining us for this remarkable time. 

Mary-Jonaitis Mary Jonaitis is the channel for causal teacher “Michael” who is a soul group devoted to the transformation of human consciousness through direct involvement with individuals seeking higher consciousness. Mary has been guiding people through Michael for thirty-eight years.

Mary makes her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, because it is one of the many beautiful places where it is a bit easier to live close to both the heavens and the earth.  Read More


Orpheus Bio PhotoOphir Biran, Orpheus B, is a healer and inspirational guide who began his journey 20 years ago with the art of Tai Chi where he excelled to compete in world championships in China and took gold medals. Since then, he has been trained in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Energy Healing, Internal Exercises and Mind Practices. Ophir studied with many great teachers around the world, and developed his own unique style of healing. He considers each person a unique being and suits the style of treatment accordingly.

His contribution to the Awakening the Oracle week may include: Acupuncture (TCM), Esoteric Acupuncture – a journey into higher consciousness, Reiki, Energy healing – Qi gong, opening & clearing energy blocks, Tai chi Chuan – Meditation in Motion, Qi-gong – Energy exercise, Soul Journey / Shamanic Journey.  Read More

Maya Bio PhotoDr. Maya Christobel is an author, writer, coach, psychotherapist and channel. She has been working with groups all over the globe as a workshop facilitator for over 35 years. Maya did her Masters and Doctoral work at Harvard which equipped her to accompany people in crisis and her practice in energetic medicine and shamanic counseling has made her work unique for those in spiritual emergency. But in everything Maya is devoted to the evolution of consciousness on our planet, which is the central driving force in her life.

Maya is an accomplished artist and ceramicist and has a degree in art therapy. She currently lives in Costa Rica, dividing her time between the magical jungle and the vast mountains of Colorado.  Read More