Maya Christobel Writing Teaching and Workshops

Maya provides writing coaching, personal consulting, ghostwriting and critique for those who are currently writing a book, article, screenplay or book proposal. Her job is to keep you on track, give creative and structural feedback, content edit and help you:

– Create Structure and a Timeline
– Develop all your characters
– Identify your three acts
– Determine your tension and obstacles and flow
– Create an outline
– Build a Story Board
– Get you first Draft completed
– Keep you from getting bogged down on the 2nd or 5th draft
– Get your query letter and book proposal completed
– Help increase your creativity with exercises in writing and voice.
– Assist you in contacting agents and publishers

Maya will meet with you weekly, in person or on Skype, to keep you flowing, on track, undaunted by writer’s block and to deal with what inevitably comes up in your writing that you need to process. She will team with you to get your project to the finish line.

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