Mary Jonaitis

Mary Jonaitis is the channel for causal teacher “Michael” who is a soul group devoted to the transformation of human consciousness through direct involvement with individuals seeking higher consciousness. Mary has been guiding people through Michael for thirty -eight years

Mary’s mission for her work is to inspire others to “look behind the curtain of ordinary reality” to experience the real magic of the pure, loving energy, the Spirit, that is always available to us, if we are willing to open to it. Her intention for her channeling and teaching workshops is to bring participants to an opening and deepening to their own intuitive powers, so that they can truly enjoy allowing the creative flow of consciousness to move through them.

Mary is as well an accomplished artist. Whether it involves painting, drawing, mask making, designing knitwear, creating costumes, developing gardens or cooking, she adores making something with her hands. Over the years, Mary has taught art, handwork, theater, natural foods cooking and intuitive divination techniques such as Tarot, Spirit Journeying and automatic writing. She is an avid student of Asian energy practices and astrology. She enjoys observing, “how all the patterns fit together”.

As a teenager, Mary had a number of experiences that led her to understand that there is far more to life than “meets the eye”. She began to explore and study diverse spiritual perspectives that were very different from the Catholic religion practiced by her family.

“My inner spiritual and artistic world was so much richer, engaging and inspiring than the pervasive “outer” culture I was born into. As I grew into an adult, I came to realize three important things about myself and the world: first, Nature was an inspiring and compelling bridge between my inner spiritual reality and the outer world; second, not everyone had naturally developed as strong of an inspired inner life as I enjoyed; and third, I really loved the process of helping people to find the inspiration and tools to get there themselves!”

Mary makes her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, because it is one of the many beautiful places where it is a bit easier to live close to both the heavens and the earth.