DSC_9504.jpgMaya Christobel is a literary agent, an author, personal coach, and psychologist. She has been working with groups all over the globe as a workshop facilitator for over 35 years, teaching writing as a vehicle for personal transformation and helping people take their stories and bring them to life.   She is currently representing a unique group of authors who have written works that are transferable to the silver screen or TV.

Maya did her Masters and Doctoral work at Harvard which equipped her to accompany people in crisis and her practice in energetic medicine and shamanic counseling has made her work unique for those in spiritual emergency. But in everything, Maya is devoted to the evolution of consciousness on our planet, which is the central driving force in her life.

Maya is currently an international writing coach helping people to unearth the stories they were born to tell, assisting them is publishing and marketing their work. She is a ghostwriter for novelists of fiction and non-fiction as well as a teacher of creative writing. Maya developed a writing process called Mythotherapy, which is a process of doing the work of healing our lives through creating a new and inspired relationship to your personal story or stories. Mythotherapy, is a therapeutic process by which you write your story and in the telling are helped to deconstruct, reframe and forgive.

“The new frontier is not outside ourselves, but within. The cosmology that is evolving on our planet is a return to the knowing that all we need is already imprinted in our very being and all we need to do is learn to listen. There is no master, no guru, no authority but your own spirit.”

For over a decade Maya was one of a handful of practitioners to use a bio-energetic vibrational frequency process called “Voice Stress Assessment”, which maps how our nervous system is hardwired from trauma.

“Everything we have lived through in life has a vibrational signature imprinted, like a fingerprint, on our nervous system which then leads to what we call “triggers”. Our body has a memory. Change the vibrational frequency of a human being and eradicate the trauma signature and the triggers. The heart is the largest electromagnetic field in the body capable of shifting our very cellular nature when experiencing the vibrational frequencies of love, compassion, joy and happiness.”

She currently lives in Costa Rica, dividing her time between the magical jungle and the vast mountains of Colorado. Read her full resume here.