Maya’s Resume


Dr. Maya Luna Christobel

Writer, Ghostwriter, NYC, LA, Colorado, Panama, Maine, Washington and North Carolina
Executive Producer, Arcturian Gate, Documentaries
Co-Producer, ”To Die For Productions”, Minky’s Kitchen, Reality Show
Executive Producer, AOMusic
Winner, Women in Film Las Vegas, “A Necessary Betrayal”
Screenwriter, Vermeer Pictures, NYC, NY
Screenwriter, More Than Mountains, In Production
Winner, The Writer’s Workshop, “A Necessary Betrayal
Winner, Austin Film Festival, Screenplay, “The Temporal Door”
Student, The Film School, Seattle, Washington, Mentor, Tom Skerritt and Stewart Stern.
Author, Roadmap to Success, with Deepak Chopra
Author, Freeing Godiva
Writer, Denver Post, Denver, Co.
Founder, Cinema Americana, Colorado
Psychologist, Washington, Colorado, Maine, NYC, North Carolina
Dr. Of Energetic Medicine, Washington, Colorado, Asheville, NYC and Maine.
Gallery Owner, Scala’s Art Gallery and Studio, Colorado
National Workshop Leader on Women and Empowerment
Gallery Director, North Carolina

Resident Screenwriter, Maine Film and Television Workshops, New York Screenwriters.
Freelance Writer and Coach
Gallery Director, Denver Colorado
Psychotherapist, Private Practice, Colorado

Psychologist and National Workshop Leader
Post Doctorate work at Kantor Family Institute, Cambridge, Mass.
Psychologist, Private Practice, Cambridge, Mass. and Camden, Maine
Founder, National Workshops for Growth in Couples
Teacher, Harvard University, Developmental Psychology.

Doctorate of Education, Harvard University, Developmental Psychology
Masters, Harvard University, Organizational Development
Bachelors, Boston University, Clinical Psychology
Creative Writing, University of Mass, Boston

Competed Personal Works
“The Call”, (Psychological Thriller, Paranormal experience)
“A Necessary Betrayal, (Erotic Thriller)
“The Temporal Door” (Thriller/Disaster)

“The Legacy” (Drama)

“Heartburn”, Poetry Compellation
“Men That Made Me”, (Comedy/Drama/ Memoir)
“More Than Mountains, (Biopic)
Author: Roadmap to Success with Deepak Chopra (Self Help)
Author: Freeing Godiva (Women and Empowerment)

Writing Projects with Clients in 2014 – 2015

Ghostwriter for Children’s book for 9-year olds
Coach for Memoir regarding Men, Power and a Woman in Panama
Coach for Non-Fiction Novel: political, true crime, thriller.
Ghostwriter for Super Bowl Football Player
Ghostwriter / Consultant: Non-Fiction Expose: Legal
Coach for Novel and Series for young adults: Fantasy, Super Hero Series
Ghostwriter: Book for a Doctor on the changing face of medicine
Ghostwriter for Screenplay: Adventure, Thriller, True-Story
Coach for True Story on Quantum Physics and Conspiracy Theory
Ghostwriter for Essays on English as a second language
Coach for “True story” from a world-renowned guest on Dr. Phil
Coach for Self Help Book
Coach and Consultant for Memoir by Single Dad who lost his children
Coach for Novel regarding “True story” about 9/11
for “Whistleblower” novel
Coach for Memoir, regarding living through a plane crash
Coach for Science Fiction, Thriller Novel
Writer, Reality Show Book and Teleplay.
Consultant: Medical Book