The Power to Heal Every Area of Your Life is Within You.
Healing is a Quantum Experience
Together we will harness the power of Quantum Entanglement Healing to eliminate past trauma and current triggers.

"It's time to empower individuals to unearth their limitless potential for healing themselves and others. This is the work I am on this planet to do.  I would love for you to receive the life-changing benefits of this cutting-edge technique.  If you have patterns that you need to move beyond, please join me as we take eliminating the effects of trauma to the next level so that you can fully express your authentic self."

Maya Christobel

Quantum Entanglement Healing
Discover how you can unleash the secret force of the universe.

This process is at the forefront of massive new awareness within the spiritual and scientific community, but is also ancient wisdom. We can now affect transformational change with vibrational frequency in ways we had never understood before.

The beauty of vibrational and heart energy is that healing can be done individually, in groups, and remotely from anywhere in the world. These techniques can be taught to self-heal your hardwired trauma that holds you in a place of disempowerment. 


What to Expect 

In this four part series, we will harness the power of group energy. By connecting our hearts we will amplify our ability to heal ourselves and each other.


  • New methods and meditations to change your vibrational frequency and dismantle your triggers.
  • Walk away with a clear understanding of how to use your heart energy to change your negative beliefs and create balance in your life.
  • By healing ourselves, we heal others. When doing this work as a group we expand all possibility.


Let's start healing. Let's do it together!
Held in small intimate group settings, limited to 20 attendees.

Trauma is a Body Memory–A New Theory of Trauma

October 20 @ 5PM PT

This  overview will unearth a new framework for healing beyond addictions, self-defeating patterns in relationships, and health issues.

  • Clarity on how triggers operate in your life. 
  • Tools to create a strong body-heart connection to eliminate triggers.  
  • New methods of dealing with anxiety, depression, and fear.

Intergenerational Trauma–Trauma We Carry for Others

November 3 @ 5PM PT

Countless people have suffered from trauma they cannot locate in this lifetime or their own experiences. This class will help you map your family's genetic contribution to your trauma and discuss how to unwire what is not yours. 

  • Discover techniques to harness the EMF of the heart to heal yourself.
  • Methods to mapping your family trauma.
  • Gain a clarity on how your genetic traumas create your beliefs.

Trauma is all Frequency–Quantum Healing 

November 17 @ 5PM PT

Your fearful thoughts, a tone of voice, a smell, or a song can be a trigger. Each one of those trauma responses is a vibrational frequency stored as a body memory. Utilizing quantum entanglement opens new modalities for healing yourself once and for all.

  • Learn to direct energy to heal your body.
  • Discover how everything in your world is pure vibrational frequency.
  • Practice balancing emotional frequencies.

Expanded Techniques for Healing 

December 1 @ 5PM PT

Uncover new and effective ways to raise your vibrational frequencies, move past the hardwired trauma stored in your body, and step into supporting the healing of your community and those you love.

  • Tools to support your ongoing increased healing.
  • Implementing your new skills to heal your pets and loved ones.
  • How to create your own local healing community.

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Wondering if this is for you?

Listen to Maya's expanded thoughts.

Maya's Expanded Thoughts
“The only way we can change our lives is to change our energy—to change the electromagnetic field we are constantly broadcasting. In other words, to change our state of being, we must change how we think and feel.”

– Dr. Joe Dispenza

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

Maya Christobel

Maya’s background is in developmental psychology. She did her Master’s and Doctoral work in Counseling Psychology/Marriage and Family Therapy at Harvard Graduate School of Education and did post-doctoral work at the Kantor Family Institute in Cambridge, MA,  Maya practiced as a psychotherapist for more than 30 years.  She now exclusively practices Quantum Entanglement Healing through the use of EVOX biofeedback-based technology. She has been a group facilitator and lecturer all over the world. Her specialized field is PTSD, childhood trauma, autism, ADD/ ADHD, and Post-Concussion Syndrome.

Maya is a cutting-edge practitioner trained over 20 years ago by one of the first companies to explore biotechnology and vibrational frequencies as a trauma healing tool. She quickly saw how the energetic make-up of our bodies could interface with technology. The mediator of this process is the heart and our innate emotional intelligence. PTSD became her focus in therapy. By combining her understanding of Quantum Entanglement with EVOX technology she has discovered the secret to removing neurological triggers. The goal? To unwire our hardwiring.


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