Maya is a communicator and a professional writing consultant, coach, speaker and workshop facilitator. For over three decades, she has crafted words that open hearts and minds. As a Harvard psychologist she has created a groundbreaking coaching model for writers, Mythotherapy, which is deeply transformative and personally empowering.

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Don’t Call an Exorcist

For the writer, my suggestion is to never call an exorcist if you feel that you have lost control of your story and someone else, who came uninvited, is writing your story for you. Don’t call Father Damien to make a late night house call. Just get a cup of tea or a scotch and sit down and take a deep breath. Then from somewhere inside, you might hear a voice that says, “Fear not, I am your muse”. Then... read more

Poetry Not for Wimps

She said in no uncertain terms, “I hate poetry, it simply bores me and is for wimps”. Then she wrote a poem since she had an ocean of words to tell her story, and it felt overwhelming, so she thought to try her hand at telling the truth, stripped down and naked through a poem. She wrote another poem and sent it for me to read. She published that poem. Then she wrote a third poem and read it out... read more

A Cosmic Grid

  I am here in Costa Rica holding The Writer’s Experience, which is for the rejuvenation of writer’s so they can express their highest inspiration. We are only on day three and what is happening here has cosmic implications. What does that mean? It means that as we are all congregated in a space, littered across wooden tables, kittens on our laps, dogs at our feet, peering out at the rising tide, headphones in with fingers furiously pouring inspiration onto... read more

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“I have been writing my life story as an NFL lineman who had the privilege of winning the Superbowl and I needed a consultant to help me get the book completed. Maya has been wonderful to work with! She has an uncanny way of helping a person put thoughts into words! She truly writes with her soul.” Brad Benson

New York Giant

“Maya opened doors for me I did not know were closed. Her wings of knowledge were what lifted my writing and self-confidence in my story to higher heights. I know my words would be just that if it weren’t for Maya.” Joan Arent