Rewire how you are hardwired.

Live your most authentic life.

Create lasting and meaningful relationships by resolving your trauma and removing your neurological triggers.


Maya Christobel

Maya Christobel is a relationship educator, communication expert, and transformational teacher.

Her Master’s and Doctoral work in developmental psychology at Harvard paved the way for further education in neuroscience, shamanic healing modalities, quantum physics, and biofeedback technology.

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She has been practicing as a trauma expert for over 20 years using EVOX technology, and specializes in PTSD. By combining her understanding of Quantum Entanglement with EVOX technology she has discovered the secret to removing neurological triggers.

The goal? To unwire our hardwiring.

After decades as a marriage and family therapist, she incorporates her expertise into her private sessions, group work, and workshops.

Maya is an adventurer of the heart and soul. She graduated from The Film School in Seattle, Washington in screenwriting with Tom Skerrit and Stewart Stern as iconic teachers. Maya won awards in screenwriting, has ghostwritten many books, and teaches storytelling and writing. In 2011 she spent time in Africa with the White Lions who changed her entire worldview. She has taught ceramics, run five art galleries, raised her kids in Maine on a 250-acre farm, and has a state-of-the-art telescope to watch the heavens, her favorite thing to do.

She is a proud mother of daughters and an over-the-moon grandmother of identical twin girls. Maya is a global citizen and part of the vast Cosmos that informs who she is.